31 March 2010

moon moon moon

hi! everyone!

we re enjoying the moon
cos its very beautiful!!

ahhh I miss my cousin.
she lives on the moon.

'Aska, you know the april fool is not today, tomorrow!'

Im not telling you a lie  >.<

30 March 2010

stray twins

hi! everyone!

oh the door bell rang!

who re you?
why re you crying?
whats happen?

'we re lost...'
`where's our home?'

please stop crying.
I have a book for stray twins.

they re stray twins.
humm I cant find you in this book....

'no one is looking for us.....'
'we have no home....'

oh please please stop crying!!

you can stay here if you want!

29 March 2010

Rabbits day

hi! everyone!

I was a bit busy to prepare for the rabbits day.

look! I made a bunny cake!
now Im waiting for my friends.....

oh the door bell rang?

ahhhh bunnies!!

I missed both of you so much!!

shall we eat the bunny cake until Easter?

23 March 2010

a new bunny friend!?

hi! everyone!

Im walking on the street.

oh look at that!
there's a very fame GODIVA bunny!

hello! its pleasure to meet you!

'ah hi! Im very bored.
can I come to your home?'

yes of course!!

your eyes are so big!

of course!
Im a europian bunny, must have big eyes!!
cos you re an asian bunny thats why..... #%$&+'

ughhhhhhh >.<

20 March 2010


hi! everyone!

is that a UFO??

that is............

a huge macaron!!!!

something is coming down from the macaron!!!
oh no!
pleeease dont take me away~~~ >.<

'please dont be scared!
Im from a star called macaron.
my name is prince macaron.
nice to see you!'

you dont take me away?
nice to see you too then!

'these macarons re gifts for you!'

ohhh it looks yummy!!!
thanks prince macaron!!

18 March 2010

oh my bunny god!

hi! everyone!

have someone called me?

'heeeelloooooo Aska Rabbit!'

where re you???

'Im here!'

you must be a bunny god?!

'yeah I am!
something very good thing will happen to you very soon!'

wow thank you!!!
I cant wait!!

.........very good thing happened!!

Ive just recieved a percel from Zackary Rabbit!
thanks a lot!!
Im very very happy!!!!

17 March 2010

swim! swim! swim!

hi! everyone!!

Im swimming!

I love swimming in the afternoon.
I feel very relaxed & good!

well... yesterday my friend ate my macaron whitout say anything.
but now I can forgive him.
cos... I feel good!

'can you swim faster?
Im swimming after you!!'

are penguins swimming at this pool?
I didnt know that...

12 March 2010

night concert??

hi! everyone!

Im about to play musics with them!
they re playing a guitar and a violin!

what am I going to play?

of course Im gonna sing a song with their music!!


see, I can sing!!

pleeese dont go!!
I can siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!
please listen to my song!!

11 March 2010






whats happen???

this train is overstuffed by full of sheep!!!

10 March 2010

kick! kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!!

hi! everyone!

my name is Moz Art.
Im a friend of Aska Rabbit.

Ive just came to watch Aska Rabbit's football game!

you know, bunnys re very small so you should stare hard at her!
this's very big game, Im very excited!

oohh look at supporters!

they seem to be excited!

Aska Rabbit has just made a bunny miracle kick!

what? you cant find her?
oh well... stare hard!!

go!go! bunnys!


the jumpin' carrot vs. the human schuman
of course jumpin carrot got win!!!
the score was 85-0!!
ahh bunnys are very good at jumping, kicking, running!
Im very impressed!

Aska Rabbit is interviewed as a hero of today's game!

`thank you everyone! Ill keep up my best in this season too!'

08 March 2010

Night Walk

hi! everyone!

Im taking a night walk.

crossing at the striped road....

ah! lovely cafe...

it looks like foreign country...

china town!


its time to go home.
good night everyone!

02 March 2010

look! look! look!!!

hi! everyone!!

I really want to show you my nails!!

look! look! look!

hey! seal!
look at my nails!

hey! my friends!!
look at my nails!!

`what? your paw?'
`whats wrong with your paw?'

my paw is fine!!
look at my nails!!

`what? your paw is just paw'

hum, OK, close up more.....

cute, right?