01 July 2012

Mally Zombie in Paris

Ah... I'm hungry.....
Where am I? museum?

Oh...Utrillo's paiting...

Paris, right?

I wish I was in Paris....


My wish came true....!


I'll go to that way....


the Eiffel tower!

I'm gonna stay in Paris for a while...

I might get something red to eat...

see ya....

*Mally Zombie is the first bunny zombie in the world.
When she visited US for vacation, she was bitten by a zombie.
but she's a herbivorous because of a bunny never bite any human or animals
just bite something red...like tomato, apple....
If you met her somewhere, please don't run away, just give her tomato...

18 June 2012

Aska Rabbit does not feel well...

Hi, everyone.

I don't feel well... got a cold... running nose....ahh

so I'm in the bed all day.... :(


ohhhh, nooooo, where am I???

I'm supposed to be in my bed!!!

what's that big pink bunny!!!???

oh! no! small ones are gathering!!

ohhhhhh noooooooooooooooo!!

lots of bunnies are coming down from the sky!

the city is being occupied by them!

was it just a dream??

grrrr, I was scared....

but was it really really just a dream?

12 June 2012

[Kelly Rabbit] I feel like Alice in the wonderland...

Hi, everyone.

I'm Kelly Rabbit and walking with my human friend whose name is A.

It's really sunny beautiful day.

Don't you think?

Oh, What's that building? looks nice.

See, they are playing music.

I wish I can play an instrument....

Well, anyway... here we are!!

This is temporary rose garden!!

Look A!

These roses are called Golden Bunny!

Definitely for me!!!!

Ah, I feel like Alice in the wonderland!

Or.... the white rabbit??

(anyway...) Have a good day, everyone!

24 May 2012

[Kelly Rabbit] Kelly's report about the annular solar eclipse in Japan!

Hi, everyone!

I watched the annular solar eclipse in Japan!

I'm gonna report about it to you.

This is me, waiting for the eclipse at 7:15 on 21st May Japan time.

I was soooo excited!

The sky was cloudy at 7:20.

I hope its clears up.

The sun came out!

Of course, I wore the solar glasses!

I'm ready to watch the eclipse!!

Ah! gradually...

What a beautiful....

I'm very happy I'm a bunny...

16 May 2012

[Mally Zombie] When I was looking for something to eat...

I was sooo starving.

I don't remember where I was walking to look for food...

Ahhh, where am I ?

where's food?

I don't like sun light at all....

I just wanna eat something redish....

but more than that

I miss my twin sisfur Kelly....grrr...

kind explanation ]

Mally Zombie is a zombie bunny.
She needs to eat something red colour stuff otherewise she would die.
Or.... Has she been dead already??