26 February 2010

I wanna catch it!!

hi!! everyone!!

Im jumpiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!
(yeah Im a rabbit, should jump often!)

OK, one more time!!


ahhhh I cant catch it!!!
please tell me how I can catch it?

you dont know what I want to catch?

Im trying to catch time.
I thought time would float in the air tho....


25 February 2010

here is a cocoa's holy place?

hi! everyone!

Im at the holy place of cocoas & chocolates!!

yeeees!!!  of course GODIVA!!

excuse me, can I have a hot cocoa pleeeeeease!!
Im heeeere!!

look at this hot cocoa!
lots of marshmallows in it!!
I love GODIVA's cocoa!


oh I can hear somebody s calling me.

you re a very famouse GODIVA bear angel!!
nice to meet you!!

would you like to come my home?
I can make a very good tea for you!!

'he-he! no no Im a very posh bear angel!
Im not going anywhere for free!!'


23 February 2010

thanks a lot!! *Teddy Olympics*

hi! everyone!!

when I knew the result of Teddy Olympics
I almost started to cry!!

oh you ve never heard of the Teddy olympics?
its very fame olympics in the world!!

OK, you can see Teddy Olympics site!

I entered 3 games.

my results were.....

Eating Cakes

I won a silver medal in Eating Cakes!!

I cant believe it!!!


Unfortunately, I didnt get any prizes.
but I ll show you my hugging picture.

Congrats for winners!!


oh my bunny!!!
I won a gold medal in Naps!!
ahhh thanks a lot!!

Im very very grad to get a gold medal!!

I d like to say thank you to Teddy Olympics judges and helpers.
they worked really hard.
thanks alot and lots of hugs to you all (of course you too)!

and I d like to applaud everyone who joined this olympics!!

19 February 2010


hi! everyone!

Im about to dive!!



oh my bunny!
very yummy cream buns!
its worth diving!!

Im full now! he-he!

18 February 2010

Do you want to know me more? *the Honest Scrap Award*

Hi! everyone!

this the honest scrap award is from Eline!
according to Eline, this award is....

*This is something that goes from blog to blog.
my dear friend from Twitter to do all the things this award involves.
It's to write ten things about myself you didn't know*

OK then!
lets try!

1. sometimes I feel I want to swim in hot cocoa!

2. I love robots.... but Im not one of them.

3. I love traveling the world

4. I dont have my own airplane. I wish I have.

5. one of my fave fashion brand is LACOSTE.
    because the crocodile dosent eat me.

6. I dont eat fish but except this one.

(btw this little bear is my pal & next door)
this's fish-shaped pancake stuffed with bean jam.

7. I cant speak French, Chinese either.

8. Ive never been to the moon.

9. I wish Brad Pit was my fan...

10. I love you so much!

17 February 2010

go! go! olympics!!

hi! everyone!

I am......................jumpiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!

Im practicing for the olympics!

how was my jump?
do you think I can get a medal?

'yay! you did it!'

oh thanks my audience!
rabbits re always good at jumping! he-he

15 February 2010

good salon day?

Hi! everyone!

Im about to cut my hair in this hair salon.

this's my good pal CANDY and my hairdresser Mr.S.
CANDY is always sweet, owns this salon.
at first Mr.S s going to wash my fur as usual!
I really like someone wash my fur.
I feel good!
Mr.S is cutting my fur!
look at him! very serious face!
now he's blowing my hair dry!!
how do you like my new fur style?
dont you think its very cute? he-he
thanks Mr.S!
see ya!
you can meet CANDY & Mr.S here

14 February 2010

introduce myself

Hi, everyone!

Im a white rabbit, 30cm height, called Aska Rabbit :)
Ive just started my English version blog!

(btw this's my Japanese blog )

well, I ll show you how I make this blog.

This's my fave red striped sofa!
I always sit down here.



I use this special version of Sony W!
it looks very cute, isnt it?

well, very nice to see you, everyone.
its Valentines day today.


see you soon!!