15 February 2010

good salon day?

Hi! everyone!

Im about to cut my hair in this hair salon.

this's my good pal CANDY and my hairdresser Mr.S.
CANDY is always sweet, owns this salon.
at first Mr.S s going to wash my fur as usual!
I really like someone wash my fur.
I feel good!
Mr.S is cutting my fur!
look at him! very serious face!
now he's blowing my hair dry!!
how do you like my new fur style?
dont you think its very cute? he-he
thanks Mr.S!
see ya!
you can meet CANDY & Mr.S here


  1. Wooo you are brave you went to the salon they have scisors there I don't like scisors. It looks as though you had a good time though.

  2. oh you dont like scisors?
    ha-ha me too.
    but except at the salon!