23 February 2010

thanks a lot!! *Teddy Olympics*

hi! everyone!!

when I knew the result of Teddy Olympics
I almost started to cry!!

oh you ve never heard of the Teddy olympics?
its very fame olympics in the world!!

OK, you can see Teddy Olympics site!

I entered 3 games.

my results were.....

Eating Cakes

I won a silver medal in Eating Cakes!!

I cant believe it!!!


Unfortunately, I didnt get any prizes.
but I ll show you my hugging picture.

Congrats for winners!!


oh my bunny!!!
I won a gold medal in Naps!!
ahhh thanks a lot!!

Im very very grad to get a gold medal!!

I d like to say thank you to Teddy Olympics judges and helpers.
they worked really hard.
thanks alot and lots of hugs to you all (of course you too)!

and I d like to applaud everyone who joined this olympics!!


  1. Congratulations on your medals what a lovely hugging picture I love it! The cake eating looked fab. Teddy Olympics were fab and I'm glad you wrote about it the organisers deserve a big thank you! HUGS HUGS HUGS!

  2. Congratulations!!! Well deserved.

  3. Congratulations!! TWO medals!! WOW!! that's fantastic work!! HUG!

  4. Kolo! thank you!! and you too!
    you won a lot of medals in there!
    Im really touched by your hugging pics!
    these pics showed you re very warming heart.
    HUGS a lot!!

  5. Zack!!
    thanks alot!!
    it must have been very busy for you!!