25 February 2010

here is a cocoa's holy place?

hi! everyone!

Im at the holy place of cocoas & chocolates!!

yeeees!!!  of course GODIVA!!

excuse me, can I have a hot cocoa pleeeeeease!!
Im heeeere!!

look at this hot cocoa!
lots of marshmallows in it!!
I love GODIVA's cocoa!


oh I can hear somebody s calling me.

you re a very famouse GODIVA bear angel!!
nice to meet you!!

would you like to come my home?
I can make a very good tea for you!!

'he-he! no no Im a very posh bear angel!
Im not going anywhere for free!!'



  1. hahaha!! oh, poor Aska, you got dissed by a teddy bear! it's ok, you're too good for him anyway!! HUGS!
    I LOVE marshmellows in my cocoa too!

  2. thanks Zack!!
    hehe he's very mean so I dont care!
    I just wanted to be his friend!


  3. What a yummy looking place. I think the bear angel had a job to do and they made him be like that he probably really wanted to come home with you but couldn't.

  4. hi!kolo!
    yeah maybe :)
    he might be good bear angel...