18 February 2010

Do you want to know me more? *the Honest Scrap Award*

Hi! everyone!

this the honest scrap award is from Eline!
according to Eline, this award is....

*This is something that goes from blog to blog.
my dear friend from Twitter to do all the things this award involves.
It's to write ten things about myself you didn't know*

OK then!
lets try!

1. sometimes I feel I want to swim in hot cocoa!

2. I love robots.... but Im not one of them.

3. I love traveling the world

4. I dont have my own airplane. I wish I have.

5. one of my fave fashion brand is LACOSTE.
    because the crocodile dosent eat me.

6. I dont eat fish but except this one.

(btw this little bear is my pal & next door)
this's fish-shaped pancake stuffed with bean jam.

7. I cant speak French, Chinese either.

8. Ive never been to the moon.

9. I wish Brad Pit was my fan...

10. I love you so much!


  1. That was interesting reading and great pictures! In case you didn't know I've never been to the Moon either, nor Mars, but I have been to Iceland!!!!

    I love you and your blog!

  2. Oh you have an interesting life Aska, fantastic photos specially the one where you are swimming in cocoa!

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  4. thanks Eline :D
    oh youve never been to the moon too?
    but been to iceland!!
    wow Im jearous!!

    I love you and your making stuff!

  5. thanks Kolo :D
    ha-ha I want to swim in cocoa!!