10 March 2010

kick! kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!!

hi! everyone!

my name is Moz Art.
Im a friend of Aska Rabbit.

Ive just came to watch Aska Rabbit's football game!

you know, bunnys re very small so you should stare hard at her!
this's very big game, Im very excited!

oohh look at supporters!

they seem to be excited!

Aska Rabbit has just made a bunny miracle kick!

what? you cant find her?
oh well... stare hard!!

go!go! bunnys!


the jumpin' carrot vs. the human schuman
of course jumpin carrot got win!!!
the score was 85-0!!
ahh bunnys are very good at jumping, kicking, running!
Im very impressed!

Aska Rabbit is interviewed as a hero of today's game!

`thank you everyone! Ill keep up my best in this season too!'


  1. Hi Moz Art! I allway knew Aska was a hero - just didn't know it was football!

  2. hi eline!
    rabbits re very good at football ;)
    she is too!! :D

  3. Wow you are my kind of girl Aska, a girl who can play football what more could a football loving boy want!

  4. hi kolo!
    thank you! *blush*
    do you play football too?