03 May 2012

[Kelly&Mally] Meeting point is in front of the pancakes.


Do you still remember me !?

I'm Kelly Rabbit, waiting for my twin sisfur Mally Rabbit.

Our meeting point is in front of the pancakes.
I've been waiting for her for 30 min already.

I hope she hasn't attacked anyone...

cos she's a bunny zombie...usually if she ate something reddish foods she doesn't attack anyone.

`Sorry for being late....ahhh.....grrr '

Ah, hey Mally...you haven't attacked anyone, right?

(I'm a fashion leader bunny, I don't wanna have a zombie sisfur !)

`Ahhh....grrr......maybe..... (honestly, I don't remember...anything...)'


  1. Ohhh that is interesting you have a zombie sisfur. She did turn up in the end anyway! HUGS HUGS HUGS

  2. Hi Kolo!

    yes, I have twin sisfur.
    one of them is a normal bunny but one is a zombie!
    but they are so cute ;)

    Hugs Hugs Hugs