03 September 2010

Happy Birthday Doraemon!!!

hi! everyone!

do you know its Doraemon's birthday today!

oh dont you know him?
he is a celebrity in japan!!

if you dont know him
you should read this article.
then you will know how celebrity he is!



well, I have an invitation for Doraemon's birthday party!!
can you believe it?

so Im going to there with Kelly Rabbit!!
very exciting!

oh wow!
very big party!
he is there!!

`I wanna take photos with him!!
 shall we?'

yeah we can ask to him!

happy birthday, Doraemon!
we d like to take photos with you.

`yes! of course!'

Happy Birthday Doraemon!!


  1. Aksa of course you were invited! who wouldn't invite someone as sweet, polite and intelligent as you. I hope you have a wonderful time, say hello to Kelly and Doraemon for me.

    If you're ever in my neck of the woods I'll make you all the cocoa and Salzburger nockerl your bunny belly can handle.

    What a gorgeous blog this is.

    Cheers AA


    Fudge xox

  2. oh my!! I wonder how old Doraemon is now.. he must be pretty old! hahaha!!