02 September 2010

we wanna be HELLO KITTY??

hi! everyone!

Kelly is reading a fashion magazine at balcony.
she loves fashion.

`hey, Aska.
 have you ever met HELLO KITTY?
 she's such a pretty and cool!'

oh, no no no no no!
everybody ask me same question!
it's impossible to meet her even in Japan!
she's a celebrity!!!!!

`oh, too bad...
 I wish I can meet her.....
 ahhhhh I wanna be like her!'

we are bunnies!

`it's OK!
 we can be HELLO BUNNIES!
 that makes sense, right?'

(why we didn't choose MY MELODY?)

1 comment:

  1. Heehee U hello bunnie is sure good lookin rabbits !!!!