01 September 2010

Hello Again!!!


do you still remember me?
Im Aska Rabbit!!!

Ive been busy these days.
I miss you all! *hugs*

oh well
my door bell rang?

Kelly Rabbit!!
long time no see!
I cant believe you come to Japan!

(and... what a big luggage....)

by the way she is my cousin and canadian.

'hi Aska!
Ive been travelling all over the world!
can I stay here for a while?'

yes yes of course!
you can stay here as long as you want!
we are small bunnies, dont need much space anyway!
hehehehe :P

by the way why your lugguage is so big?

of course for this!!
I brought lots of carrots!'

(oh dear, you can get them here tho...)


  1. oh yah!! *wave* Hi Kelly!! Aska, how nice that your cousin is stayin with you!! I hope u have space for all her luggage! haha!

  2. How wonderful! I was thinking just yesterday that I missed your blog posts and wished you'd start them up again!